Concentration of the world population in urban centres will accelerate rapidly in the future, a process that will have deep repercussions for people’s material conditions, for how they interact with each other, and for the environment. This process is also set to confront policy makers with a range of difficult challenges, in terms of provision of housing, urban amenities, transport and other types of infrastructure.

Understanding the immense pressure that is already looming large in a city like Bengaluru, we at Futura are cautious in our approach towards every project. With strong belief in the ethics behind construction management, we ensure that every project that we undertake, be it housing or infrastructure development, there is always a complete assessment on the pressures that result from it.

Futura has worked with the leading builders, architects & Infratech companies in Karnataka.

Assessment is related to:

  • Comfort level
  • Required approvals , clearances & paperwork
  • Environment friendly materials
  • Effects on environment
  • Effect on people living nearby
  • Effects on economy
  • Effects on employment ...and more

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